Hi there! We’re Son of a Sailor Jewelry + Supply


Howdy, Billy and Jessica here from Son of a Sailor. We’ve been in business since May 2011 and have been fortunate to become a sustainable business with a presence in boutiques and online shops around the world. In February we launched our third jewelry collection, LAND, and we’ve been growing the Supply side of our business into a lifestyle brand with gift items and home accessories for men and women.

Our Story

Son of a Sailor began the day we met. I was an Austin transplant living in San Francisco, and Billy was visiting the city to see his friend, my roommate. After spending the day doing art projects on the floor of her bedroom, a relationship began to form. We dated long-distance before I decided to return to Austin. Upon our return, we began making jewelry together and, soon, Son of a Sailor was born. It was a whirlwind year – we became engaged, bought a house and started a business!


Our Workspace

In February 2013 we moved from our home studio to a collective of artists, makers and designers called Canopy Austin. It was an old Goodwill warehouse turned art development, and we’re extremely happy to be surrounded by constant creative energy. We’ve tried to make our space minimal and clean while maintaining a welcoming, homey feel. Some of our favorite studio pieces are the old science classroom tables we found on Craigslist (now work tables) and, of course, are regal Bill Murray and David Bowie portraits.


What We’re Up To

As we mentioned before, we launched our new collection, LAND, last month. Attention to geometric form and bold color have always defined our collections, and this can be seen in the bold yet natural colors and brass shapes of this collection. We gained inspiration for this collection from our travels last year. The palettes and scenery of the Western frontier have shaped the story of this line. From Monument Valley to the Cascades to Sedona, the people, topography and heritage of the West can be seen in each piece. Along with our new collection, we reimagined the colors of our first collection, the Classics.


The growth of Son of a Sailor Supply has given us the opportunity to reflect not just our lifestyles, but the lifestyles and interests of our employees, friends and fellow makers who constantly inspire us. Qualities like the provenance of materials we use and craftmanship are of utmost importance to us. We want our Supply collection to reflect a customer who’s just as likely to go camping on a weekend off as they are to go to a show downtown.


Why We’re Part of The Maker Co-op

As we mentioned, the creative people around us constantly invigorate and inspire us. To be part of a collective with these dynamic individuals is a wonderful thing. We get to pool our resources into developing a sort of one-stop shop for makers who share a sense of authenticity in what they do and a dedication to fine craftmanship.

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