Meet: Kristen and Eve of MakeATX


If you enjoy working with your hands, whether it’s woodworking, laser cutting or design work, MakeATX is your playground. Kristen and Eve are the founders of this multi-faceted workspace in East Austin, and you couldn’t ask for cooler, nicer people to guide your creative experience.

It should first be established that Kristen and Eve know their stuff. Both are trained as architects, having graduated from top schools, but they’re also passionate about making, whether it’s creating stationary, knitting, designing graphics, or supporting other makers in their community. When we stopped in, it was evident they’ve created a fantastic environment to work in. It felt peaceful and relaxed, and it was clear that Kristen and Eve are dedicated to making sure their members have the best work experience possible.


What is MakeATX?

MakeATX is a member-based workshop with tools and other design resources available. They also have classes and events open to the public, such as their laser cutting basics workshop coming up on April 6th. Their resources include computers with the latest design software and two large and versatile laser cutters.


They’ve been around for a little over 3 and 1/2 years now, starting not too long after Kristen moved to Austin looking for architecture positions. Both women realized they didn’t necessarily want traditional architecture jobs, but still wanted to put their skills and know-how to use. MakeATX has three prongs: custom design work such as their
hilarious mistaken lyrics coasters, custom work for other people and businesses, and memberships, along with classes to teach the skills necessary for laser cutting.


What’s next for MakeATX?

They’re participating in their first wholesale tradeshow, the National Stationary Show, this May in New York. They’ll be part of the #fresh section along with fellow Maker Co-op members Caitlin of Little Low Studio and Lizzi and Mary of Little Minnow Designs and Scout and Honour. Kristen and Eve also recently participated in a Creative Mornings talk, the nation-wide movement to gather creatives for meaningful conversation and exchange of ideas.


Why Maker Co-op?

As lots of good ideas happen, Kristen and Eve first heard about The Maker Co-op after a happy hour meeting with Jessica and Morgana around the time of Renegade Craft Fair last spring. It wasn’t long after that they became part of the team.


As a small business, participating in your first wholesale tradeshow can be an intimidating endeavor. The details seem endless: how to do your display, making a line sheet, and figuring out how to make the most use of your time there. Kristen and Eve agreed they’re glad to be part of a collective that can share resources, tips and experiences.


To learn more about becoming a member of MakeATX, visit their page here. They also have a great selection of cards, jewelry, games and more available in their portfolio. We also encourage everyone to stop by for one of their classes or events.

Thanks for speaking with us, Kristen and Eve!


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